About Us

Surviving a traumatic experience changes your life forever. For many of us, the most difficult part of coping with our pain is the overwhelming sense that we are alone and the feeling that we should never talk about it. The weight of that loneliness and silence can be crushing. It can often make healing feel out of reach. Heal Her Heart is here to assure you that it isn’t. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to giving women a safe space and a helping hand to continue the work towards their journey of healing. Heal Her Heart is the brainchild of our founder, Amanda Dookie. After publicly writing about her experiences with abortion & child loss, sexual abuse and mental illnesses, she received an overwhelming response from the women in her life. Many of them felt empowered to share stories of their own. The powerful feeling of relief and support inspired Amanda to build a platform to help other women. Out of one story came an organization to support other women as they make their hearts whole again. Through expressive holistic healing modalities, therapeutic programming and workshops and compassionate group and individual counselling; we’re working to change the narrative for women living through trauma.