"In Memory of You"

Trigger Warning: Sexual Abuse.

There are murmurs in the shadows of my mind,

Whispers that ring loud and violent,

Sending ricochet of bullets through the waves,

Heavy, dangerous pieces of lead,

Shooting, Damaging.

Louder and louder,

Your whispers demand my attention,

But my will is greater,

It can not be broken by the toxicity of recklessness.

Oh, but the temptation is sweet,

The temptation to be dragged into the gully of despair,

That dark place where his dry scaly fingers steal my innocence,

That dark place where his thick smoked breath sucks my future pleasures away,

That dark place of HIS shame and guilt,

That dark place where for me to be loved I self destroy,

That is the dark place you wish to have me committed to.


Whisper away,

Whisper incessantly,

Whisper as fierce and as aggressive as you want,

Whisper until the sound of your abuses suffocates you into silence.


I hear you but I no longer fear you,

I hear you but I am no longer imprisoned by you,

I hear you but I choose to rise above you.