Beginning May 23rd 2021, Heal Her Heart will be facilitating Sister Support Sundays. 

In this setting it is not about having structured group therapy as much as it’s about releasing what needs to be let out and supporting each other as we move through it. 

Weekly on Sunday mornings, Heal Her Heart will be holding a safe and sacred space for womxn/self-identified womxn to come together to:

  • Build emotionally present connections with the self and others
  • Share without judgement
  • Enhance our abilities to deeply care for, and nourish our wellbeing; using a radical, holistic and love-filled approach
  • Validate and honour ourselves as we continue to heal from highly challenging states and emotions
  • Develop tools to promote self-compassion, healing, self-worth, self-trust, and self-love
  • To uproot any existing self-sabotaging behaviours as a result of past or present traumas
To join Heal Her Heart’s Sister Support Sundays, please send an email to support@healherheart.orgDrop-ins are welcome; please email for access.