Information about Bentley's upcoming TPLO surgery and ways to help!

I’ve decided to use my website to create a landing page for information regarding my dog, Bentley, and his upcoming TPLO surgery. I've created a GoFundMe to accept monetary donations, and my friend and I created an Amazon Wish List for those who would like to contribute an item to assist with his post-op care. Below, you'll find what I've written on Bentley's GoFundMe page, outlining our current circumstances and need for support. If you would prefer to send an e-transfer instead of going through the GoFundMe platform, the email address for donations is:

Thank you for reading. Your support, in any way it comes, is truly appreciated. 


Amazon Wish List:


Welcome to Bentley’s GoFundMe :)

I wanted to share a little backstory about myself and Bentley. Bentley is my four-year-old gentle giant. Bentley lives with me and his sister, Emma. Emma and Bentley are from the same litter and were bonded right from the start. They’ve been best friends since they were born, so I’ve always strived to keep them together.

When Emma and Bentley first joined my family, I was still living at home; Emma was under my primary care, and Bentley was under the care of another family member. However, the responsibility to care for both fell into my hands very shortly after their arrival. Sadly, over several years, Bentley was subjected to continuous neglect and did not receive proper care and attention. When I decided to move out, Bentley began living with me and Emma permanently full time. His previous owner agreed they were not a good fit, and although they could not provide a suitable home, they would cover costs. Together we decided I would be the most suitable caregiver, and he would be happiest continuing to live with his sister, as they’re a bonded pair. Although initially, I did not think I’d be taking care of two young puppies myself, I fell in love with Bentley from day one. When it came down to whether or not I would let him be surrendered to the Humane Society or me, it was a no-brainer.

Before being in my care full time, when Bentley was five months old he was hit by a car and was not taken to receive the medical attention he needed and deserved. As Bentley got older, I noticed he would limp after sitting for long periods. I took him to the vet after he started living with me and his sister. I was told it was nothing to worry about and was prescribed pain medication and an anti-inflammatory.

Bentley continued to live a very happy and fulfilled life. We’ve travelled together, lived in a new city when I was on contract for work; we enjoy long hikes outside the city, swimming at the beach, and going to the dog park daily. We live a very active lifestyle, but since Bentley’s injury, he has not been able to do more than a quick washroom break.

A few weeks ago at the dog park, I heard Bentley yelp. I ran over to him to see what was wrong and noticed he could not put any pressure on his left hind leg. Shortly after, I took him to the vet for an x-ray and was told he had a torn ACL and would need surgery, which is why I’m here.

The surgery Bentley needs is called TPLO, short for Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy. This surgery can help Bentley get back to running and jumping like normal and, most importantly, completely take him out of the severe pain he’s been experiencing. I’ve decided to start this fundraiser in hopes of being able to cover the expense of his surgery and aftercare. Before Bentley was surrendered to me, his previous owner agreed to assist with expenses. Unfortunately, after Bentley’s vet bills increased and he needed more ongoing care (pain medication, anti-inflammatory medication, continued vet exams), the financial support stopped and I’ve been left to cover the costs of his surgery and medications.

Given Emma and Bentley’s breed, I took it upon myself to prepare for health concerns I felt would arise as Emma got older so she has pet insurance, but Bentley didn’t start living with me until after his accident at five months, leaving him uninsurable by the time he was under my care.

We’ve been quoted $4000 + tax for the surgery, not including pain medications, blood work that needs to be done before surgery, his exam fee/consultation, and post-op care. The total amount will be approximately $7500.

It took me some time to be comfortable starting this fundraiser, but when it comes to our kids, pride goes out the window and I’m sure many people can relate to this feeling. I’ve been managing expenses thus far, but I wasn’t prepared for his injury. I would love to be able to handle this on my own and I’ve been trying, but we need help. Any amount would be greatly appreciated, and I’m grateful for whatever we receive by the end of this. 

My friend has also put together an Amazon Wish List filled with items Bentley will need post-op. If you’d like to contribute to his aftercare in addition to/or instead of a monetary donation, please click the following link: Bentley's Amazon Wish List

Again, thank you for reading and I appreciate your contribution; whether it’s monetary, something on his Wish List, or by wishing him well on his surgery & recovery <3

Love always,


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